Friday, February 18, 2011

Frugal Friday

It has been a long, crazy week for the Johnson family.  Hunter has had parent-teacher conferences, inservice, and all kinds of fun teacher things that have kept him at school late. I've had interviews, homework, and other fun things that have kept me out late as well.  We are looking forward to a relaxing weekend to catch up on sleep and time with each other.  We don't want to go out and spend a lot of time/money on entertainment? Our solution? Netflix.  I know, everyone is screaming Netflix's praises, but I just want to throw my opinion into the mix.  We got Netflix 2-3 months ago and it has really changed the way we watch t.v.  If I didn't love sports so much, I would absolutely get rid of cable and just use Netflix. We pay $8.99 a month for the instant stream only package (in other words, we don't get the DVDs in the mail).  We stream it through our X-box and it has become our go-to entertainment recently. There are really three great things about Netflix.

1. We can catch up on movies.

Hunter hates to go the movie theatre to watch new movies. It is against his frugal nature to spend $10 a ticket. We occasionally go to the $2 theatre in our town to see movies, but with Netflix, we've really stopped doing that.  There are a lot of movies we've missed over the last 3 years that we are catching up on.  We've recently watched The Proposal and i'm trying to get him to watch The Time Traveler's Wife. The great thing about these movies is that I can sometimes convince Hunter to watch things he would otherwise never pay money to see (like the two movies I mentioned above!).

2. We can watch t.v. shows that we wouldn't normally be able to.

We don't have  HBO, Showtime, etc, but really enjoy some of the shows that come on those channels like The Tudors, Dexter, and Californication. For the most part, we can watch these shows on Netflix without paying premium cable prices. I will say that area brings up one downside of Netflix. Since we pay only for the instant streaming, the selection is more limited than if you pay for the premium plan. For example, Dexter Season 1&2 are available for instant streaming, but that's it. Fortunately we have friends with DVD plans who are willing to share :-) If we ever did completely get rid of cable, I would definitely upgrade to the DVD plan.

3. I can watch things I would never buy!

Did you know you can stream work-out videos on Netflix? I just discovered this gem last weekend when I was looking for a Yoga work-out. There is a pretty decent selection of various genres. Some of them are from the 1980s, but trust me, it just adds to the charm. Now instead of spending money on new work-out DVDs, I can just stream one through the X-box. I also watch t.v. shows that I would never buy.  I saw a few months ago that "Murder, She Wrote" (yes, with Angela Lansbury) had recently come out on DVD.  I loved that show as a kid! Seriously, it was my favorite t.v. show when I was three. I would never buy them on DVD, but I really wanted to watch them again. I did a quick search and found out the entire series on Netflix. Score for me!

If you are looking for a frugal way to access movies, t.v. shows, or even work-out DVDs, consider Netflix. I promise you'll be just as obsessed as me!

*I didn't receive anything from Netflix for this post. I promise I just love it this much! 

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