Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Works For Me Wednesday...

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The theme for Works for Me Wednesday is a Valentine's Tip. I don't actually have one of those today, but I'll post some good recipes for a stay-at-home special Valentine's dinner later in the week! My tip today is actually about:

We make a lot of our purchases in cash, so we tend to have a lot of change floating around the house. It used to drive me crazy to find change laying around everywhere until my husband came up with a great solution. When he was younger, he had an automatic change sorter. The machine itself is long gone, but we still had the canisters that the coins would go into. We put the corresponding coin wrapper into each canister and placed them on our dresser. Now the end of the day or whenever I find change in pockets, on the floor, in the car, or wherever, I just drop it into the canister. When the wrapper is full, I just pull it out and our coins are perfectly rolled and ready to go to the bank! Instead of the above picture, I now have this:

That works for me! Check out for more helpful tips!

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