Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Works for Me Wednesday

I've been fighting off a cold for the last couple of days.  You know the feeling: nasal congestion, fatigue, and general grumpiness (well i'll blame my cold for the last one anyway!).  I hate feeling sick and have been pretty lucky so far this winer.  I don't like to take antibiotics, so i've been trying some less extreme measures to combat my cold. These tips aren't anything new, but I think always helpful to hear.

Hand Washing

  • This is a big one! This is a great article from the Mayo Clinic about the best times to wash your hands and how to wash them.
  • So I'm a big fan of sleeping even when I'm not sick, but a little extra sleep can go a long way in helping your immune system fight off evil germs. If you are feeling sick, go to bed an hour earlier or sleep in (if you can). 
Extra Nutrients
  • I know there is a big debate over if Vitamin C can actually help your cold or not, but I think its important when you have a cold to make sure you are eating health. Ice cream may help you feel better, but fruits and vegetables are going to provide you with the kind of nutrients your body needs. 
  • Every time I had a cold growing up, my mother would make me gargle with salt water. I hated it. I swore as an adult, I would never ever gargle with salt water. Well it turns out that gargling helps ease sore throats like nothing else. So guess what I did yesterday? It turns out my Mom was right. 
I think overall the most important thing to do when you are sick is just take care of yourself. Slow down! Give your body some time to conquer those nasty germs and you'll be back at full speed in no time. That definitely works for me!

*Disclaimer: Obviously, I am not a doctor and you shouldn't take medical advice from me. These are just tips I've found help me feel better. If you are sick, consult your person doctor for any and all medical advice!

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